Stop, please

I can’t take the drivel coming out of your mouth like sewage spewing from a clogged toilet, my god, the stench of it

Your excuses have piled up and are as much use to me as a raincoat when the storm has passed; in fact, the storm has come and gone and it was you

How’s that song go? Don’t speak! I know what you’re saying so stop explaining because I don’t want to hear your salty spam anymore

Are you still here? I’ve nothing more to do with you. You’re words are rotting garbage left on the side of the road on a hot Florida summer day. Yuck

It’s over

Be silent

You smell like roses that way and I can almost forget the thorns piercing my flesh; by any other name, you’d smell as sweet, so long as you hush

But, as soon as your trap opens, I remember who you are, Montague, thief, rebel, villain, I don’t want you

Have your ears become stopped as well?

I said I don’t want you

So go

Fill someone else’s heart with your rubbish

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