Blue Eyes

You’re an enigma
Intoxicating mystery
I want to know you

Desire increases
Taken in by the unknown
Tell me who you are

I first saw your eyes
Blue, holding no emotion
Shrouded, vacant, sad

And yet, enticing
I wanted to know everything
I wanted your soul

But you stay quiet
Will I ever know your secrets
Could you trust me please

I watch from afar
Your languid walk, your bowed head
Your stooped shoulders

Wish I could fix you
Mend all that’s broken inside
Color black and white

I become hopeless
Defeated by perpetual
Silence that haunts me

It will happen, though
I will cut you wide open
Know your deepest need

Your healer I’ll be
For now, I’ll just be patient
Speak, blue eyed boy, speak

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