An eye for an eye

Allow me to give you what you deserve

Not normally a spiteful wretch, but you took my heart and ripped it apart with no remorse like a hungry predator

You had no idea what love was so you took your false emotions and wrought havoc on me

Took advantage of my caring nature, hoarded every gift, every word, every blessing I heaped upon you

In my deep infatuation, I could not see the wolf you were, all the better to eat me with

All that is left of you is sheep’s clothing and I keep it as a memory to galvanize me into a beastly revenge

I know you want me back and I will take you

I will lure you into a false sense of security then rain destruction upon you

Kick your heart in the ass

Turn the other cheek so I may have my way with all of you the way I let you have your way with all of me

I will lavish you with passion and when you’ve had all you can take

When you’re close to climax

Only then will I break you, push you away, knock you down

Maybe in that moment

Just maybe

You will know what you did to me


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