Poetry, Random

Awake, Part 20

I am an up and coming starlet
You won’t find me on the Walk of Fame just yet
Don’t worry, I’ll get there!
Luxury hotels on white sand beaches
That’s where we’re filming, of course
The leading man, Leo is his name
He and I are becoming intimate, shall we say
We’ve spent the last two days together
During every moment not on set…
On set! Listen to me!
As though I’m an oldie in the business
Instead of a budding actress
I’ll come into my own, you’ll see!
Some of the staff give me a hard time
How dare they! Jealous!
Not everyone can enjoy the success of others
They’ve had to move me to another room
Someone with seniority, you know
That’s ok, soon it will be me
Still I’m basking in the whole of this experience
There’s a message from Mharesa
Where is the dress check?
It’s on the big farm
Before the ball tonight
I must be on my way
But wait…
Alas, it was only another dream
I’ve awoken to my ordinary life
Sweating unglamorously in my bedsheets

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