Blue, Part 2

More creative haiku collaboration with Manic Mike based on my post .


Brokenhearted one
Sad secrets are in the shards
Blue melancholy

misery abounds
happiness has no home here
all hope abandoned

Wretched, sick, flailing
Questioning my existence
End this lonely life

everything ends
except for this solitude
no one hears my cries

Though they are so loud
Soaked in years of tears and storms
Where is my savior

the skies of heaven
vacant halls of ancient myth
prayers fall on deaf ears

Or on hearing ears
Ones that don’t care to listen
Selfishness reigns here

but one day i hope
the clouds of doubt will fade away
and light shall pour forth

On one day maybe
The labors of hope bear fruit
Loneliness subsides

but until that day
grief stricken tears follow me
reminders of you

You shattered my heart
I’m walking on broken glass
Blood flows from my feet

but i will survive
Always have and always will
If only in spite

I will press onward
With the pieces of myself
Me and my blue soul

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