Salt, Part 2

More haiku collaboration with Manic Mike based on my post, Salt.


pour salt in my wounds
I am festering, rotting
can’t let the past go

Leave the past for me
no need to cry salty tears
you are worth much more

I deserve alone
You will not bear this cursed cross
This is my burden

my shoulders are strong
let me help you carry it
no burden, no curse

I’m begging for help
For this weary, rancid soul
Please, suture these wounds

my hands do not heal
but my lips can take your pain
dive deep into me

I’m back together
But scarred, could you still love a
Stitched up, patchwork doll?

you are beautiful
scars that only you can see
flawless still to me

How do you not see
The monster that is in me
Crazed, flailing, worn down?

how do you not see
it is the exact same here
i’m broken same as you

Scars recognize scars
Don’t fix us, let’s just be us
What a pair we’ll make

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