Echoes, Part 2

More haiku collaboration with Manic Mike, based on my poem Echoes.


echoes of your voice
sing of amorous passion
red fire in my ears

can you feel my need
echoing through the aether
my strained voice calling

Coming in faintly
A whisper above the wind
A dark angel’s hymn

flecks of spit and blood
barely able to cry out
unable to stop

Unable to find you
I must content myself with
The echoes in rain

her touch healing rain
my skin burns with cold fever
she can make me whole

But wait, was that you
Straining louder and more fierce
Do my ears deceive?

faintly whispering
as my strength flows from weak lips
find me, I am here

I can see you now
Fold my soul into the sounds
Of song on your lips

i hear you my love
finally your voice echoes
take me home to you


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