I’m feeling rambunctious
Yearning for reprieve from this restive existence
In a transient state
I watch my muscles twitch, twiddle, troll the air
Looking for something to grasp
So that I don’t have to remember
Reimburse me for the time I wasted on you
Since I received nothing else from you
All this time I was stuck
In a romanticized, false reverie of you
Today I removed the rose-tinted spectacles
The radiant resplendence I fell for
Has been reduced to the raucous cries
Of a simple, uncomplicated man
Who believes himself of reputable character
But on the inside is reeking and rancid
And I realized, finally
I don’t want you

4 thoughts on “Rambunctious”

  1. It is impressive what we produce when we truly feel the hot, branding iron of emotional upheaval. Lauren, feel intensely, and thus, you shall luminesce, in a beauty truly yours, as you have and surely shall continue.

    Hold that essence tightly, lest it vanish into the cruelty of distant mills.

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