From My Playlist, Part 41 – Meg Myers

Desire by Meg Myers. Sultry, seductive, and a bit explicit. Awesome track for that date night playlist. Thank you Amazon Prime.

5 thoughts on “From My Playlist, Part 41 – Meg Myers”

  1. Y’know, “Take Me to the Disco”, at least for me, was a bit of a letdown especially in the second part (“Some People”… just no.) That said, both the first two EPs and “Sorry” are incredible. That said, wonderful track. God, I miss Tennessee 😛

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  2. I am new on your blog and I like this series of your favorite music playlist already. Why are other bloggers so secretive about their music choice? Maybe they hold music too dear to their hearts. Music definitely has that affect on many. I still want to share just like you all of my favorite music.

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