Letting Go

I miss you

The timing was never right for us, wrong in every way it could be

But I still fell hard for that scrawny frame, those tattooed arms, and that nervous smile

I love you

I love your spirit, your energy, your aura

I love the way you made love to me, it’s not the same with anyone else, not even close

We night have been happy were it another time and place

But things fall apart and so did we

It was too hard

So I let you do because I thought it was the right thing to do

I thought you would come back when life settled down

Instead you found another and I’m filled with longing and regret

Did I make the right choice?

We got to have one more moment and it was everything I had ever wanted from you

Still you chose her over me

You are with her and I am with no one

You want to hold on to me, keep me as friend because our short time together means more to you than you will say

I want to hold on to you, because I love you so, with all of your faults and idiosyncrasies

I never thought I’d be in love with someone like you

Someone so carefree, and sometimes a blessed, fucking idiot

But for a moment, you were mine

I have to accept that I will not have that moment again, that I will never have you the way I want

So, I do the only thing I can

I release you, I release me

A part of my heart will always be yours even though you are hers


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