I feel forgotten

Like I’ve been set by the wayside

I feel lost

Like a soul in purgatory

Would it be better for me to go to heaven, to bask and sing with angels, for the few good deeds that I’ve done?

Or should I be content with hell, aligned with devils, due to the nature of mine own heart

I don’t know, which is why I’m stuck in this blank space

And that’s how I feel


Fill me in

But with what?

I’ve been waiting for you to tell me what I am, to finish the other part of me

Now, I realize that only I can make me whole

Will I be devil or angel?

Will I be good or evil?

Will i be the me I think I should be or the me I think you want?

Or the me I think you should want?

Or the me I think should be wanted?

And in asking these eternal questions, I lose my eternal soul, trying to be someone I do not know.

Trying to be anyone but me

Trying to be yours

But maybe you don’t deserve me

What a revolutionary thought…



11 thoughts on “Forgotten”

  1. Ohhhhhh that twist. That. Twist. Going from depressed to questioning to self-discovery to self-actualization: the transitioning is seamless and where it ends up is just fist-bitingly good (with that “owhhhhh” sound, that “ungh!”) Delectable.

    Liked by 1 person

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