Dark chasm
Feeling restless
Waiting for something
I am melancholy
Brash, bitter, brutish, broken
Then you reached out your hand to me
I did not want to take it but your
Eyes see through my filth and i realize
I am not so complicated just
Afraid of my magnificence
You serendipitous star
Sent to retrieve me from
This oblivion
My secrets told
You see me
I see


10 thoughts on “Saved”

  1. Loved the layout, I have a typology/layout fetish. Also “I’m not so complicated” kicked me in the gut, in a good way. In a ‘here’s the mirror, just accept it’ kinda way. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! This was my first attempt at this sort of layout so I appreciate the feedback!

      I find that far too many people think they’re very complicated and misunderstood, but they’re really just like everyone else that thinks they’re complicated.


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