Depression for Dummies

These are things I’m constantly trying to explain to people. Great advice!

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Hi. I’m Chelsea, and I am married to a wonderful, talented, intelligent man who is pretty dumb when it comes to mental illness.

Perhaps you know someone like this. Your bright, helpful person may be a friend, parent, brother, sister, or boss. As well-meaning as he or she might pretend to be, this acquaintance just doesn’t get it. Worse, he or she is often so inept that whenever effort is made, you feel he or she constantly places a clumsy finger right on a fresh bruise and pushes.

confused-2681507_1920 (1)

But our friends and family don’t have to be idiots. Honestly, we really need love and support for our mental health and we can be tough nuts to crack.

In light of that, I’ve developed a helpful guide. I call it The Depressive Feelings/Better Responses Guide (of Science). Just whip this puppy out whenever you want to whip them upside the…

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5 thoughts on “Depression for Dummies”

  1. When people stop treating depression or worse, depression-heavy mood disorders, as something that can be remedied with such palliative measures as these, that’s when things will get better for the afflicted. So many times people try to help in the wrong ways: the problem isn’t that they’re willing but not able, the problem is they aren’t willing to concede that maybe they don’t know the best in every goddamn situation.

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    1. So unbelievably true! That’s why I try to educate people as much as I can. It’s also made me wary of who I share with. I don’t like being turned into a project.

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      1. Oh, that is close to the worst. You’re not a tool for someone’s ill-advised bid for self-aggrandizement.

        I may be broken, but I am not to be “fixed” in the way you would fix a toy car’s wheel.

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