Costume Jewelry

A reponse to Manic Mike’s poem Scrutiny


He asks me to put him on a pedestal

Not because he thinks he deserves to be loved

But out of fear of it

He wants to be that dunce in the corner

Like a schoolkid in timeout

With everyone staring at your back

He believes that is all he is worth

Would rather have them stare at his draped head

Afraid anyone might see the beauty he radiates

He thinks he is costume jewelry

I know that he is authentic, though

Else, why would be be this way

Why would he wear his heart and soul on his sleeve

Why would he share it with me?

I do not know what you’re scared for me to see

Because I’ve seen all of and through you

You are not costume

You are rare pearls

Hide in your shell for now

Bury your head in the sand

When you’re ready to come out

And radiate natural resplendence

I will be here waiting

Having known the truth all along

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