Glass Heart

Deep, authentic connections
A rarity in this life
So, as soon as I feel one
I’m wont to trust
With reckless abandon
I give all of my care
All of my soul
To those I deem worthy
I do not know any other way to be
I fall in love
In a New York minute
I give all of my emotion
All of me
To a relationship
Either I like you
Or I do not
I know quick enough
Why not jump all in?
What’s the worst that could happen?
Perhaps this is why
My heart shatters
Like glass on pavement
When another one
Is not the one
But, I cannot change who I am
I accept my fragile heart
I will pick the pieces from the dust
Put it back together again and again
Until I find the one
Who sees my value
Who will be my glue


Thanks to my friend Brenda for inspiring a part of this poem.


12 thoughts on “Glass Heart”

  1. I found the original. This speaks of vulnerability. It also describes stark honesty. Such honesty can feed vulnerability of unchecked. This leads to a re enforcement of a sense of low self worth. However this is a deception. Clearly this piece is truthful, I refer to low self worth as the deception. Any person gifted with such artistry of language, and drive for self expression is worthy of authentic admiration. And this is precisely what I offer you. However, value your heart above all things. It is your conduit to life and the fulfilment of your destiny. As such it is precious to your life, your very existance no less. Be careful of this treasure. No one can take it from you. It is in your gift to give. Do not offer such a prize to aquatencies or you will be unable to secure contentment. Let love manifest itself to you, firstly from another’s heart. Be courageous. Only when convinced by loves sincerity should you be prepared to offer someone your heart. I say this as a man who has lived through this very condition. The very reason I was made a Poet too, so new safe and keep good heart, love seeks out it’s own. Regards Chris T.

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