Mike’s response to my poem Glass Heart, published this morning.

Mike's Manic Word Depot

In response to Awesome Lauren, who is amazing

she is prone to falling fast and hard

in the blink of an eye

and she breaks just as easily

told me she has a heart of glass

always trying to put the pieces back together again

but she’s wrong

her heart is made from diamond

the common misconception is diamonds are the hardest substance

but only in resistance to scratches

but the crystalline structure is subject to shattering

she sells herself too short

her heart is beautiful


and the fact that she can give it away without a second thought

only reinforces that

woe to the fool who doesn’t accept such a precious gift

let’s it fall into a million sparkling gems

he has no concept of value

only seeks a new pretty bauble

he deserves the glass hearts so common

not her’s

forged in the depths of her suffering

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