Constriction, Part 2

For Manic Mike’s Poem, Constriction.


My hands
Small with long fingers
Long enough to get around his throat
My nails dig into the flesh of his neck

I draw blood like a vampire on the prowl
Trying to prolong life
Prolong ecstasy

I ride him hard
Like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby
Racing for the finish line
But thankful for every second
Before I get there

I scream
I convulse
I squeeze
I am lost in repetition of pleasure
I have lost track of time
No, it’s beyond pleasure
It’s timeless
Simply orgasmic
Simply entrancing
Simply enchanting

He cups my breasts in his large hands
Squeezes my nipples
I shake down to my core
Squeeze harder

I will make him squeal
I will make him scream my name

I am on fire
I see his own fire travel the length of him
As he swells
Explodes inside of me

We cry out simultaneously
Shake in rhythm with each other

We catch our breaths
While staring into each other’s eyes

I kiss him one last time
With longing for more
With sadness that it is over
With joy at this singular experience
That i’ve had with no one else
And will not have again

We hold each other
We slow our breath
We sleep

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