Beautiful, Part 2

A point-of-view response to Manic Mike’s poem Beautiful.


I’m blushing
At the face reflected in the mirror
looking me up and down
His eyes hold me prisoner
He is gorgeous
And I can’t help but be shy
Though I smile widely at him
I never wear makeup
But I put it on for him
I want my eyes to pop for him
I want to hold him captive
As though I’ve shackled him to the bed
And to my heart
I am the devil in this moment
He was sculpted by the gods
Down to the shine of his hairless head
Which I long to hold in mine bosom
Beautiful monster
Unimaginable perfection before me
I need him to hold me
To wind his fingers in my hair
While i claw my nails into his back
As I hold him closer to me
Fuck the makeup
I want him to ravage me
Strip me down and have every part of me
Until I am satiated
Over and over and over again
But I can’t make it easy…
I have to tease him just a little
So I dress slowly
Put on my stockings slowly
Bat my eyes at him slowly
While he watches me
Near to drooling with longing
I shake my ass
While I strut into the bedroom
Just to be torturous
It is agony for him
It is agony for me
Because I want nothing more
Than him inside me
I seductively dance to the music in my head
As I shimmy into my little black dress
Taunting him
He zips me up and pulls me close
I feel him… ready for me
I am wet and glistening for him
I’m done tormenting him
I’m done tormenting me
I want him
He is beautiful
And all mine


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