Your Loss

I hope you’re watching me

Following every word that I write

You could have had all of me

Because I wanted to give you every piece of me

To let you have me

In any and every capacity that you wanted

I hope it breaks you

To know what you’re missing

To know what you gave up

To know you’ll never find another like me

You’ll be mine forever

Because you cannot surpass this

But you’ll never admit it

9 thoughts on “Your Loss”

  1. Don’t we all wish our Ex(s) watched what we wrote. But no, I’d prefer they never return to me as someone else deserves them more than us. I want to be friends (later) but its quite strange my Ex(s) either want me only for themselves or not at all. That’s quite selfish, isn’t it?

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      1. I have this huge regard and respect for all of my Ex(es) and will humbly say that maybe it was me who did not deserve them. For me, the interactions (no matter how short-lived they were), they were all beautiful and in next life (if there’s any such thing), I’d never want to change a thing.

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