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Self-Care Awareness Month Activity – Day 1

Saw this on Annette Rochelle Aben’s page and figured I’d give it a try. Anyone willing to do it with me?

Today’s activity is to list all of your good qualities. Refer back to it twice a day.

1. I am a good listener.

2. I am generous.

3. I made it through school and have two engineering degrees.

4. I give good hugs.

5. I care about my friends and I make sure they know it.

6. I am kindhearted.

7. I make little gestures like giving gifts or kind words.

8. I am a leader.

9. Communication is one of my strongest qualities.

10. I motivate people to lead, work, and follow.

11. I see projects through to the end.

12. I can write fairly decent poetry.

13. I am open to new experiences.

14. I take care of myself on my own.

15. I am beautiful.

That was hard…

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