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I’ve discussed before the inherent nature in some of us to want to fix people. Do I let broken people into my life because I myself am broken? Do I believe that if I fix everyone else that I will somehow, vicariously, fix myself? Inevitably, though, what happens is we help, people leave, and we get hurt. People are toxic when they’re broken and they don’t know themselves. This includes us when we don’t know ourselves. So, they will walk all over you and hurt you and run.

I’m watching myself let this happen to me again…


I suppose it’s progress that I’m recognizing it and nipping it at the beginning. But, you know… It still hurts.

I feel cheap and alone.


14 thoughts on “Thoughts”

  1. I hope you don’t mind but these thoughts came to me with reading your words; I think we try to heal that which is unseen within us, like an elusive shadow. Just as we are attracted to what is reflective in us on the outside. I’ve had to iearn this same lesson over and over again until one day, I’d had enough. Then I moved the dial to slow motion watching every word, every trap, and isolated to no longer look outside myself but within. At first catching glimpses of the shadows, but then catching and setting them free, and when love returns to those wounds, we are set free. Jordan

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