It Could Be Us

What is love?
Love is truth
It let’s us see the things that others ignore
And try to help the ones we care for
Like the way I loved you
And love is blind
It’s ignores those little things
Those unimportant idiosyncracies
Or those faults that we can’t change
Like the love you could have
If you loved me
Love is sacrifice, but we gain
Love can be pleasure, it can be pain
It can be a hard hit or a soft kiss
It can be agony and it can be bliss
It can make us laugh or make us cry
With its new hellos and last goodbyes
It is refuse, regret and rage
It is a cynical, confining cage
It is patience, passion and purity
It is sweet, sensible serenity
And it’s probably many other things
That I haven’t come to know
If we all knew what love was
And could manifest all its aspects
How much better off we’d be…
But so many don’t let it in
And don’t let themselves learn
And we live life thinking
We know something we don’t
What is love?
It could be us, but it never will be

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