Her Lovely Face

Wrote this one a few years ago….


Her smile is like the sunrise
Alighting out of the east in spring
The heat of it warms your soul
It is a slow smile
A small twitch of the lips
That widens into contagious joy
She has her mother’s dimples.
She is happy
She is blissful
Her smile comes easy

Her eyes are like full moons
Shining brightly on a starless night
Their innocence captures you
They are wide eyes
Steady and observant
But wander when she thinks
She has her father’s eyes
They are bold
They are penetrating
They judge you

Sunrise does not know the night
The sun does not know the moon
So it is with her
Her smile never meets her eyes
When you see her
When you really see her
The slow smile does not come easy
The cold eyes hold back warm tears
She has shown you her mask
She is lost
She wanders
She is in search of her own face
In search of her sunrise
As she walks the night

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