I would rather not remember
The day that we met
I drank whiskey
And you had drinks with flowers
I would like my brain to forget
The mental stimulation
And the physical stimulation
That you aroused in me so quickly
I wish my skin could forget
The way it molded to every part of you
You loved the feel of me in your arms
How soft my skin is
The memories of us together
The first time, every time
How you made me
Sigh, scream, shiver
I would dispense with those
Along with the afterwards
Where we held each other
While we caught our breaths
I would like to not think on that last day
How I didn’t know it would be the last day
How could a perfect day be the end
Instead of the beginning?
It’s better to have loved and lost
That’s what they say
Bullshit, I say
I did not love you
Not knowing if I could have
Is the notion that kills me
When we were together
It was so very simple
I would forget that life could be
Beautifully uncomplicated
Because now it is all I long for
Life is not supposed to be simple
I suppose

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