Moon Man/Collaboration, Part 12

Staring out my window pane
Watching the soft fall of the rain
Wondering where you are

Wondering if you’re friend or foe
The only light comes from the city glow
Like a far-off dying ember

There’s a shadow turning a trick
The sound of the clock: tock tick
Soft music the only other break in silence

I sit in the corner alone
Thinking on sins for which I must atone
Peace and hope escape me

Soft rain has turned monsoon
Barely, I see the man in the moon
It’d be something if he would grant wishes

Because I’ve already wished on many a star
Yet far from me you still are
The stars gloat in their bright light until they die

The things I’ve asked for die too
I do not know what else to do
Except watch the moon man watch me

I wonder if he is watching you too
I wonder if you are feeling the way I do
I wish that we could start anew
I wish that wishes came true

Photo by C. Elizabeth Cooper

For more of Beth’s photos, visit her site.

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