I shared this poem in the comments of mysticity’s post Hued, so I decided I’d share it with everyone. I originally write it for the below photo called Void by New Bern, NC photographer Jon Derby. Couldn’t find the original, so a photo of a photo will have to do.

They walk together side by side
Without judgment
Black and white
Not so long ago
This may have been forbidden
Frowned upon
For all the progress though,
They are both a little green…
She wishes she was like her
Perms her natural hair
To make it straight like hers
She despises her curls
Oh, If only her nose
Was more to the point
Full and pouty lips!
Not a compliment
And these thick hips
An inconvenience
She wishes she was like her
Tans her natural skin
To get close to her collection
She hates her pasty hue
Of, if only her eyes
Were large and hazel
Cute freckled nose!
Not to be esteemed
And these small breasts
Just unattractive
The one an Ashanti queen
The other an Athena goddess
There is always that void
That cannot be bridged
The other always feeling inferior
Both blind to their own beauty


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