On Faith and Religion, Part 1

One of the topics I wanted to broach with this blog was religion and my feelings about it growing up and now as an adult. I’ve lacked the courage to do so, so far. However, after reading posts by Ben of Life After Religion, Frank J. Peter, and Nowhere Tribune, I think I finally have the courage to do so. I’ll start with this poem I wrote on me feelings.


I am looking up

What am I supposed to see there?

No answers in the clouds

In the gazing contest

The stars are winning

I don’t know who else is playing

The doctrine of some

And not a little nudging

Tell me to trust faith

It seems a hazy concept…

My systemic mind

Cannot process faith in enigma

I would look down

They would judge me

Blasphemy, they would say

Heathen, they would call me

Their perception of reality

Controls my reality

I must keep up the farce

If I just keep looking up

I can fool them into believing

That I believe in something

No one will know the truth

No one knows any truth

For my own sake

I must pretend to belong to the lie

17 thoughts on “On Faith and Religion, Part 1”

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad I found yours too. They are definitely difficult concepts to work through and I’m happy to find people who express their feelings on them better than me.

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  1. Dear Lauren, It fills with joy and hope to know that people like you exist… people who have the honesty and guts to take that bold step of admitting their non-belief. (And in your own special and beautiful way). And I am honored to know that I played a small part. Thanks so much for the nod. Your courage is a great service to humanity and is going to inspire others still trapped in the closet to come out as well. I know it. Sent with profound gratitude and a warm hug.

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    1. Awww, *hugs* back and thank you for the inspiration. It is a difficult thing, still, for me to discuss, but I’ve gotten a lot out the last couple days. I’ll be posting part 4 shortly.

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  2. I have stumbled across this and am intrigued. I am intent on exploring further because of this.
    The initial impact is enough for now. And of course we all possess open minds. As I step forward to discover I will be honest. Of late there have been many challenging aspects to life which I too have encountered. And this at a time when I am viewing life, mostly, through the rear view mirror. Regards Chris T.

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    1. If you are interested, I wrote three more parts to the series. Honesty and open-mindedness is best when it comes to this topic to prevent oneself from becoming stagnated in dogma simply because it’s what they’re told. I hope reading these helps your journey.

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