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You know those rare and random times where you have a decent day, or even a really good day? The kind of day where you got to be where you wanted to be when you wanted to be there. You were in good company. You satisfied some goals. You’re proud of your accomplishments. You did something nice for someone and made their day. You made a difference.

And then the days over. You come home. There’s no one here. And that high turns into the ultimate low, if it was ever really a high at all. Sometimes, we don’t recognize our own facades because we’re so used to wearing them.

I feel empty, depressed, down, unfulfilled, alone… and there’s some confused part of me without feeling.

What do you do when this happens?

11 thoughts on “Empty”

    1. Me too! I have music for every mood. That’s why I’m doing the music series. Want to share it with everyone. Thanks for commenting!


  1. I feel you on this, the best things I have found helpful when feeling “lonely” is to dance/train/do some kind of physical movement or a mix of all. Many times we are just feeling a sense of disconnection and movement, especially coupled with beautiful music, can bring back that connection. Not to mention all the great benefits health wise, increased blood flow, endorphins getting released, reduction in physical pain and fatigue, etc.. which can all contribute to feeling better right away and the next day:)

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