Mental Health, Poetry

The Edge/Collaboration, Part 4

Photo by C. Elizabeth Cooper

Standing at the edge
Wondering if I have the courage to jump
I feel like Marcella
(Have you seen that show?)
At the end of my wits
Of my sanity
Thinking the world would be better off
Fewer people would be hurt
The people closest to me would be safe
If I could just make the leap
End it
Lost in my thoughts
Not crying
Not seeing, either
I can do this
Close my eyes
On three
Open my eyes
I cannot do this
I am looking around
Seeing the New York beauty around me
I need to start my life
Make that leap out of the past
Embrace those closest to me
Share myself with others
Give of myself to the world
My life is worth it
I am just beginning to see
Like Dr. Seuss said
(Have you read that book?)
My mountain is waiting
I step back from the edge

I must be on my way

Visit Beth’s site for more of her photos!


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