Movie Depth: Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)

First movie review for a “now playing” film! I’ll try to refrain from any spoilers.

Ok, so I don’t know why, but I really wanted to see this movie for some reason. Maybe it’s because the trailer featured the awesome Imagine Dragons track, Friction. Maybe it’s because Alec Baldwin and Angela Bassett make appearances. Maybe it’s because it was nice to see Henry Cavill not be Superman because DC is disappointing all of us. In any case, it was on my to-do list and the film I chose to reinvigorate my movie going.

Here’s my take on the previous M:I movies.

  1. Decent spy film, reasonable stunts, great cast, memorable score/theme, that “I didn’t see that coming” moment. Probably could’ve stopped here. (Remember Emilio Estevez?)
  2.  Aside from a beautiful Hans Zimmer/Lisa Gerard collaboration (such as those in Gladiator), we should all try to forget this one happened. It was a self-indulgent conglomeration of stunts and strange facial expressions made at the wrong time.
  3. Redeeming and set the precedent for a few more recurring characters, making it seem like more of a franchise. But after this lengthy film, why couldn’t anyone tell us what the hell the Rabbit’s Foot was?
  4. Ghost Protocol: Ehh…
  5. Rogue Nation: Seemed like someone put some thought into this one. I actually enjoyed it.
  6. Fallout: See below:

Overall, not a bad film, but maintain standard expectations. First of all, I was happy that there was no shirtless Tom Cruise scene, though we couldn’t get away from a gratuitous motorcycle chase and a long-distance run through yet another foreign city. I was happy to see that the plot of this film built on that of Rogue Nation. Rebecca Ferguson and Sean Harris reprised their roles as MI-6 agent Isla Faust and Syndicate Leader Solomon Lane, respectively. Fallout took on kind of a Watchmen sort of theme. The sentiment throughout the film to justify the actions of the villains, if you will, is that there must be suffering before there can be peace. Read: People die. Survivors come together. Everybody kind of happy. So, halfway through, I’m waiting for The Comedian to fall out of a window or Dr. Manhattan’s cold, unfeeling, narcissism to make its way onscreen. Oh wait, wrong movie. Suffice it to say, this notion has been done before and done again, but this took a somewhat modernized take on its execution. I would say it was successfully done. Other than that, it was pretty much your standard Mission:Impossible film. Or Tom Cruise film. The two have become somewhat synonymous.

Also, Henry Cavill, despite the mustache and the fact that he was kind of an a**hole throughout the film, looked beautifully, muscularly spectacular. But, I’m a sucker for a blue-eyed boy.

If you’ve seen it or plan to go see it, let me know what you think!


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