Poetry, Random


I am trying to describe
An empty space in my soul
Looking for the words
In the empty space in my head
The words tease
One moment, there
Next moment, gone
I failed to grasp them
Like ash in the wind
They have dissipated
The faint grey left behind
Snaking through brain tendrils
Is the only evidence
Of synapses firing
Then off again
Pieces of sentences
In mind’s dusty corners
The Hours
Staring into space trying to catch…
There is ironic enjoyment in the pursuit
After beautiful, unspoken things
Secrets that want to be told
The Words
A blessing and a curse
Longing after form and coherence
To share musings with you fine people
Chasing like I am faced with
Blank pages
For a high school English essay
On a topic I do not care about…

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