A Clown Who Cried In The Alley

Beautiful and bittersweet.

Frank Solanki

On my way I saw a tear
On the barren road so clear
A little ahead there were more
Sorrowful like the one before
Intrigued I was to know whose wail
Had left behind a teary trail
I followed the tears to where they led
With the sunny sun shining overhead
The weather was cheerful bright and gay
Who could be crying on such a beautiful day?
Maybe a mother who has lost her boy
Maybe a girl who has lost her toy
Maybe a bird whose wings are cut
Maybe a man whose heart was hurt
So many thoughts popped in my head
To an alley as I was led
There I saw sitting all alone
The man we call ‘The Funny Bone’
His crying I saw had just no ends
His head was down hid in his hands
I stood there confused thinking what to do
I never…

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