First Contact

The words are flowing today…


I’ve always been a sucker
For a lanky blue-eyed boy
But when first we met
And I looked into your brown eyes
I saw magic in them
I saw promise
Like that of a starry violet sky
Or a perfect pink dawn
When you held my hand
I melted into you
I loved your pale skin
Entwined with the milk chocolate of mine
We were a Hershey’s bar
Cookies and cream
You brought me out of the black
Filled me with resplendent yellows
With tame rosy reds
Like the color your ears turn
When you’re embarrassed,
Nervous, or inebriated
You’re such a lightweight, babe
But the clear blue horizon deceived us
The clouds came
Hid the stars from us
The dawn brought a day of rain
Now everything is shades of grey
When I look in your eyes
I cannot see the end of the story
You look sickly green
Out of fear of loving me
Yet, in me glows an ember
A faint, orange hope
That will extinguish the grey
You are my Havana Banana
I am your Choco Taco
I have been yours since First Contact
I will bring shades of yellow
Back into your hidden, black heart

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