Patchwork Heart

How I feel today… Oh, how people continue to disappoint us.


I’ve been sapped to the bone
Like milk from a dried up teat
I’m empty
Can’t keep up this feat
Is it really such though
To have a heart so sweet?
I think it must be so
For see who I meet!
I am rays of the sun
They seek my heat
I welcome them with outstretched arms
From darkness they retreat
Hold them to my bosom
Calm them with my heartbeat

I give
They take
I give more
They take more
I give all that I am
For I know no other way
They take all that I am
For they seek no other way

I’m a wrinkled old shell
A raisin in the sun
Now here I lie
Spent… done…
Still I reach to them
To this one and that one
But you hide your face!
You push me, you run!
You’ve taken so much from me
That you don’t recognize your waning sun
A stranger now?
A joke? Surely, a pun…

It can’t be true!
I say no!
But they have all gone
With pieces of me in tow…
Here is the truth now
This is what I know
That I have known nothing!
Blinded in my own glow
I’ve taken their misery
Carried all their sorrow
The only gift they left for me
Was a much patched heart to sew…

And so…
In the depths below…
I set.

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