Holding my bloodied, half-beating heart in my hand
Staring at it
Feeling nothing
Wondering how I ever l let you in this patched up mess
Let’s see if I can carve you out

I keep posting to Twitter and not to the blog 😂 Have to work on that.


Pass the Salt

Ripped open at the chest


That’s how you found me

Lured me in with gentle touches

Kind words

Healing promises

Behind my back, you said,

“Pass the salt.”


At the end of all things

Just posted this one to Twitter

Here we are
Well past the end of it all
Suddenly, breath leaves me
I’m knocked down
Hit with the finality, finally
I’ll never see your face again
I know it
I do not accept it


Snake Charmer

I said
I had to be sure
You wouldn’t run away
You said
Why would I do that?
I said
That I was glad
You didn’t think we were rushing
You said
Why would I think that
You were different
You rushed
You ran
You left
You’re more of the same

Snake charmer…


Empty Beds

This one was posted to Twitter yesterday…

Into bed
Embraced by another inanimate object that waits for me but does not miss me
I try to push away the memory of your naked, languid form
Striking a pose as the dawn crept in
I could not sleep with your arm around my waist
Hand on my breast
Now, I can’t sleep without them



How could you know
What that moment meant to me?
How could you know
What that moment meant to you?
How could you know
What it would mean for you to leave
When you did not know yourself?
How could you predict
This hefty death toll
That ended with me?
I am the one who sees you
I am the one who makes you better
I am the one who must give you up
I am a remnant of your former self
Who will love me if not you?


Love in the Time of…?

Crochety old man
In your dilapidated old house
Are you happy?
Content you might be
With gray painted walls
With the comfort of courage packed
My blues and yellows
Enticed you
Heightened you
Hardened you
Frightened you
Not meant for love are we?
Not in the time of cholera
Not in the time of the butterflies
Not in the time of greatness
But, maybe now, at the end of days
In the time of empathy
In the time of relative simplicity
We can dust off wishes
You will be mine in body
For you were always on my heart



I touch my fingers to my lips
Even I am amazed at their smoothness
How could you want for anything else
After they perused your skin
So delicate
They aroused your senses
Through them, my tongue pulsed
Awakened you
Can you be so cruel?
Will you leave them dry,
Like the desert in the unkindest summer?
Have mercy, dear one
Water my soul
Even if you should only be
An imaginary oasis
I will die full and sated
In my ignorance


Black Hole

A blip on the screen
You came and went
I bared my naked body and my nerves are on fire in the residual wake of you

Baby, I still shake

A gift from Eros and Cupid
Awakened love, desire, and lust
The universe fooled us and both your light and mine were sucked into the supermassive

I am a black hole

I warned you not to get too close
I asked myself not to get too close
The connection was undeniable and all of you disappeared into the depths of me

I feel you inside me, still

You are not present
I cannot see you
In the brief moment that we are one and I poured out my heart, you suddenly chose not to drink

What spark has infiltrated us?

Lost in space is my fate
I wanted you lost with me
You brought your past with you and I cannot fight the ghost in the shells and sheets between us

You always knew

Look in my eyes like you love me
Caress my cheek like you care
Move in and out of me and hold me and bite me like these moments are the future forever

Lie to me

Now out comes the truth
You are found out
Still, our short ectasy is imprinted here to be seen by all that gaze upon its brief and brilliant glory

The stars recollect…
My heart recollects…
Every nerve ending recollects…
And I know your mind, your skin recollects my kiss, my curves, and all that dripped for you

What shape will our constellation be?
What stories will faraway balls of light tell of us?

I tell myself I’ve moved on
I look past us and on to the drinking gourd
The darkness knows the brightest light signals death
Still, it hopes…


Song of the Day – Sia

Just how I’m feeling…

I think I will write an article on modern dating.